2014 Salad Munch Guide

Welcome to Salad Munch LLC where you choose better health in 2014. We are an informational health outlet offering healthy tips for reducing or eliminating health issues.

Today there are so many health issues whether it’s obesity, heart disease or even cancer the list is just so long. Salad Munch is so passionate about self preservation whereas we believe it is important to maintain a healthy life style through proper diet, adequate amount of sleep, and watching your weight. It is extremely important to always listen to your body and always monitor you body weight because it determines your health. One of the most common health challenges today is overweight which can lead to diabetes if not corrected with proper diet and exercise.

Our main goal is to provide solutions such as food products or dietary supplements that can be beneficial to the body.
Reward yourself today with our health guide that provides awareness to help lose weight, boost metabolism, or just maintain a healthy nutritious diet. Best wishes on choosing to eat and live healthier by taking care of your body!

Yacon Syrup11.5 oz

  Yacon Syrup11.5 oz

Ionize Alkalize and Electrify your water teas and juices! Alkaline water help flush out harmful acids from your body. pHion Booster infuses your waters with over 72 ionic minerals that neutralize damaging acids and raises the pH of water to an optimal 9.5.

Natural Health Solutions - Salad Munch

Alternative health is where Salad Munch spotlights nutritional health solutions for today’s major health challenges. This is certainly where recommendations are made for substituting food ingredients that will allow achieving natural health obtainable. We believe at Salad Munch LLC that natural remedies as well as nutritional supplements are available to help improve the quality of life.

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The Medicinal Marijuana Health Craze

Electronic consumption of plant material such as marijuana or chamomile is widely being used for medicinal usage. There are so many health challenges affecting people until the health care industry is running out of medicines that serves the point of combating various conditions ranging from cancer to simple pain management. Today more than ever individuals are embarking on a new health trend for combating their health challenge by using cannabis or marijuana for medicinal purposes. 

People who have a health challenge and feel it’s there only alternative have resulted to medicinal marijuana, but it has to be approved by your Doctor. However there are people moving to the state of Colorado whereas cannibals is legal for not just medical reasons but for recreation as well. However there is a process you must go through in order to be prescribed marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Many are using the herbal vaporizer which is similar to an E-cigarette to battle the side effects of cancer. Certainly by using the herbal vaporizer it allows the individual to be relieved of the pain and side effects that may occur when receiving chemo treatment or just to manage seizures or everyday pain.



Top 5 Health Foods For 2014

Greek Yogurt

Almonds (4 a day)



Olive Oil



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