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Welcome to Salad Munch LLC where you choose better health in maintain a healthy lifestyle. Salad Munch is an informational health outlet offering healthy tips for losing weight and maintain and healthy body mass.

Today there are so many health issues whether it’s obesity, heart disease or even diabetes the list is just so long. Salad Munch is passionate about self preservation whereas we believe it is important to maintain a healthy life style through proper diet, adequate amount of sleep, and watching your weight. It is extremely important to always listen to your body and always monitor your body weight because it determines your health. One of the most common health challenges today is overweight which can lead to diabetes if not corrected with proper diet and exercise.

Our main goal is to provide solutions such as services or dietary supplements that can be beneficial to the body.
Reward yourself today with our health guide that provides awareness to help lose weight, boost metabolism, or just maintain a healthy nutritious diet. Best wishes on choosing to eat and live healthier by taking care of your body!


Natural Health Solutions - Salad Munch

Alternative health is where Salad Munch spotlights nutritional health solutions for today’s major health challenges. This is certainly where recommendations are made for substituting food ingredients that will allow achieving natural health obtainable. We believe at Salad Munch LLC that natural remedies as well as nutritional supplements are available to help improve the quality of life.



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Beets - Boost Nitric Oxide

Salad Munch favorite vegetable of the month goes to the delicious beet. Beets are a unique rich succulent flavor that can be found not only in salads but can pair well as a single dish. It's an important vegetable that contains significant amounts of nitric oxide. Beets naturally boost the production of nitric oxide in the body and help to support energy levels, largely due to the large amount of nitrates found within the root vegetable

This vegetable offers an excellent natural sweet source that can improve your health in many ways. It’s certainly wonderful to know that by drinking a glass of beet juice can significantly lower your blood pressure 4-5 points within just an hour. Also not only are beets known as a red root but, this vegetable has unique nutrients known as betaine that fight against inflammation. Beets have a nutrient source of betaine that also works to protect our internal organs and improve vascular health risks.

Also may we not forget about the leafy tops of the greens? The leafy tops of beets should be eaten as well due to the healthy significant amounts of vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, and iron. Beet greens actually have even more iron than spinach as well as a higher nutritional value overall than the beetroot itself. Beetroots not only have health benefits such as anti-cancer properties or detoxification support but it is a delicious vegetable to indulge in and add to your meal. Enjoy your beets for the month of May.

 Organic Beet Root Juice 32 oz

Top 5 Health Foods For 2014

Greek Yogurt

Almonds (4 a day)



Olive Oil




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